The Hometown Rookie

After nine months in Los Angeles, I decided that Chicago was really my hometown. I moved back, intent on seeing my city through fresh eyes. I'm now living in a downtown high-rise, enjoying friends, and taking on new challenges in this seventh decade of my life.

The Rookie Transplant

In 2014, I got the notion that I wanted to move to Los Angeles to be closer to my family. I sold all of my furniture, shipped cartons containing personal stuff, and off I went!

The Rookie Widow

When Tommy died in 2012, I began a new journey, likely familiar to others who have lost a loved one. Fortunately, thanks to dear family and friends, I learned that there is life after loss, also joy and happiness.

The Rookie Caregiver

When my second husband, Tommy, was diagnosed with brain degeneration in 2009, I started writing this blog as therapy for myself. These true stories of love, language, panic and patience -- told with humor and compassion -- have resonated with many caregivers.