Tech for Rookies: private lessons for iPhones and iPads

iPhones and iPads are likely the most popular mobile devices purchased for personal use or holiday gifts. But sadly, too many people find themselves flummoxed when trying to use them. They’ve discovered that the rudimentary lessons given at the cellular phone stores leave them scratching their heads instead of adoring them as promised.

Private lessons at Tech for Rookies will take studentsstep-by-step through the basics, including these How To’s: turn them on and off, receive and send mail, populate the address book, use the calendar, download the most useful applications, create documents using the Pages word processing program, keep the device updated, and answer other questions that can turn rookies to fans.

The lesson may also appeal to those contemplating a purchase of one of these mobile devices, but need some assurance they won’t feel like a klutz after shelling out the purchase price.

For more information, contact:, or call 773-320-5681.