Advice for the mature or befuddled

It has come to my attention that friends and family run the other way when they see me approach. Certainly, it's not my appearance (I'm short, true, but not gnome-sized), or my odor (freshly-showered, I swear), but the fear I will drag them by the elbow to tout the latest Apple product or reveal my latest technology finding.

So, instead of watching my loved ones cower at my coming, I've decided to do my haranguing on my new blog. This way, you (you know who you are) can take or leave my rantings, while others who may value my wisdom will be grateful.

Although I'm using the dreaded "old" in this blog's title, the info will really be for anyone who feels nervous around smart phones, computers, Facebook and Twitter, and other up-to-the-minute stuff. And, perhaps this niche will attract advertisers, a book deal, Oprah, or at the very least, make me less feared and more loved by those I adore.

FYI: I'll soon be adding favorite blogs and Web sites, and doing other alterations to this site. Suggestions welcome.